REPL manufactures a comprehensive range of products in heat-shrink, cold-shrink and push-on technologies to the highest international standards.

  • Heatshrink
  • Coldshrink
  • Push-on

In addition to these we supply a wide range of other cable accessories that are required by our Utility customers and partners

  • Busbar protection
  • Stand-off insulators
  • Surge Arrestors
  • Separable connectors
  • Piercing Connectors
  • Lugs and ferrules of all sizes
  • Crimping type
  • Shear-bolt type
  • Mastics
We also design and make-to-design custom products for specific customer requirements, so if you do not find what you need, please send us an email or call us and we will probably be able to help you with your request.


Installation of a heat shrink straight joint on three core MV Armoured Cable


Installation of a heat shrink termination on a three core MV Armoured Cable

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