Pre Moulded (Push On)

Pre Moulded (Push On)

REPL has a complete range of push-on joints and terminations rated up to 36 KV. Our products have been Type Tested at KEMA to the highest international standards. 

The REPL push on range offers the following benefits:
  • Made of 100% silicone rubber with great electrical and mechanical properties
  • Dielectric strength of greater than 20kV per mm
  • Single piece design combining stress control and insulation
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Separate lug sealing provision to provide improved seal against moisture ingress
  • Long creepage distance by pre-designed shed arrangements.
  • High protection from weathering and ultra violet radiation. 
  • Core Protection tubes cover cable cores and also provides weather protection.
  • Non Thermal Breakout to seal the crutch area of the cable.
  • Earthing arrangement provided in the kit.
  • Suitable for Deep indent, Hexagonal crimping type and Mechanical (Screw Type) lugs.
We supply the push-on joint and termination in the form of a complete kit which comprises of product with bills of material, installation instructions with all related accessories.  Detailed Type Test reports are available where required.

We also design and make to design custom products for specific customer requirements so if you do not find what you need please send us an email and we will probably be able to help you with your request. For more information on this product please contact

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