Dual Wall (Stress Control/Insulating)

Dual Wall (Stress Control/Insulating)

REPL heat shrinkable dual wall tubes (RSDW) are a co-extruded tube especially designed with a red insulating outer layer and a black stress control inner layer. This tube is used in medium voltage plastic and paper insulated cable joints rated up to 36kV. The single tube provides both an insulating thickness and control over high electrical stresses over the connectors in joints.

These tubes are made from thermally stabilized, cross linked, polymeric material and have a nominal shrink ratio of 3:1 and an unlimited shelf life when stored at normal warehouse temperatures.


Product Dimensions - RSDW Series

E S (±0.2)
Min Max Stress control Insulating Total Wall
RSDW 50/15 50 15 3 4 7


+ Available in discrete lengths only
- Custom sizes are available on request with minimum volume requirements.


Material Specification Product Colour - Red/Black

Characteristics Value Test Method
Physical Properties    
Specific gravity 1.19±0.2 ASTM D- 1505
Water absorption 1 % (max) ASTM D - 570 /ISO 62
Tensile strength 10 N/sqmm (min) ASTM D-412/ISO 37
Ultimate elongation 200 % (min) ASTM D-412/ISO 37
Shrink ratio 3 : 1 (min ) TP/QA/61
Longitudinal Change ±10% ESI 09-13
Hardness on insulating Hardness on stress control 45 ± 5 shore D 40 ± 3 shore D ASTM D - 2240
Torching No split TP/QA/7
Thermal Tests    
Shrink temperature 120± C (min) IEC-216
Heat Shock (30 min, 200˚ C) No cracking / No flow ESI 09 - 13
Heat Ageing (500hrs 120˚ C )    
Tensile strength 8 N/sqmm (Min) ASTM D-412/ISO 37
Ultimate elongation 100 % (min) ASTM D-412/ISO 37
Low temp.Flexibility (-40˚C) No cracking ASTM D - 2671
Electrical Properties    
Dielectric strength on insulating 10 kV/mm (min) ASTM D - 149 /IEC 243
Volume resistivity on insulating layer
Volume resistivity on stress control layer
1x1012 Ohm-cm (min)
1x109 Ohm-cm (min)
ASTM D-257/IEC 93
Dielectric constant insulating
Dielectric constant stress control
5 (max)
15 (min)
ASTM D-150/IEC 250
Chemical Properties    
Fungus resistance 1 (max) ASTM G-21

Chemical resistance immersion
in following liquids NaOH(40%),
H2S04 (3%),Toluene, Acetone
for 24 hrs at room temp.

Good (No Change in appearance) ISO 175


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