Reinforced wrap around sleeves

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Reinforced wrap around sleeves

REPL's Reinforced heat shrink splice closure system (RTSF) is designed to provide excellent split resistance, and environmental and mechanical protection for cable Joints.The RTSF sleeves are made from a composite laminate material consisting of reinforcing glass fibers, polyethylene layers,an aluminum layer for moisture vapour transmission and hot melt adhesive on the inner surface.The sleeves are supplied in wraparound form along with stainless steel channels to make the sleeves cylindrical prior to shrinking.The outer surface of the sleeves are coated with temperature indicating paint which changes colour to indicate optimum shrinking. On application of heat,the inner adhesive layer melts and bonds to the cable surface to provide a waterproof seal.

  Mm mm (min) mm(min)
RTSF 42/08 180 ± 10 12 1.5
RTSF 75/15 275 ± 10 12 1.5
RTSF 92/25 330 ±10 20 1.5
RTSF 122/30 430 ± 10 20 1.5
RTSF 160/42 560 ± 10 20 1.5
RTSF 200/50 685 ± 10 20 1.5


Characteristics Value Test Method
Physical Properties    
Bursting strength 1800 N(min) ISO 3303
Corrosion Effect No cracks ASTM D - 2671
Water absorption 0.1% (max) ASTM D- 570
Torchability No split TE 201 AOL
ESCR 48 hrs at 50˚C No cracks ASTM D- 1693
Thermal Ageing Tests (150˚C for 168hrs)    
Bursting strength 12kV/mm ISO 188
Electrical Properties    
Dielectric strength 12kV/mm(min) ASTM D- 149
Chemical Properties    
Chemical resistance immersion in following liquids
0.1 N sol.of Na2S04,Na2CI,H2S04, NaOH Fuel oil for 24 hrs
1500N Min ISO - 175
Tensile strength 15 N/sqmm(min) ISO- 175
Temperature indicating paint colour conversion    
150˚Cfor 30 minute No change Visual
250˚C for 5 minute Colour change Visual

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